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I am a Transition Researcher and Business Knowledge Consultant  with a passion for working with corporates and individuals through their transition phases in their chosen careers/ professions and business.

I work with individuals and organizations to equip and empower people towards growth in their careers and to transition more easily from employment into business.

I have a 14 years background in Strategic and Operations Management in which I have had great opportunity not only to grow in my own career, but also to take individuals under my wing and grow them in their own career paths.

In those different levels of being engaged, I have seen the rise and fall of different business ideas, brands and all this knowledge, I can now share in a palatable format with others who need it.

How can you experience my services?

Corporate Services

Individual Services

Consulting with me not only delivers relevant advise; clients will be glad to note the foundation of my advise begins in understanding the status and what the ultimate goal is.

Wangari Maina

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