Soar! Soar! Soar! Millenials in Business

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If there was ever a video that everyone who is hustling or thinking of getting into a business should get their hands on is this interview of T.D. Jakes by The Breakfast Club If there was ever a book to read in the present season, it is SOAR! Build your Vision from the Ground Up

Dealing with Millenials

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The one thing Human Resource Managers are being forced to deal with is the incoming millenials to the work place. Can you imagine a millenial as a government officer in the National Identity Card issuing desk? Have a listen in on what Simon Sinek says about Millenials in this interview on Inside Quest with Tom […]

Turnaround of a Family Business

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From – $10,000 to $0 Net Profit In the large scheme of things in entrepreneurship, the biggest things are profit and return on investment. If your books are showing none of these, then you know, things are bad and bordering on worse. When your business is strongly on the left side of the number line […]

Define your ‘Success’ Destination

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Success is a process not a destination to be arrived at in a certain number of years and days. It is not a predetermined journey. There is no working nor proven formula for your defined success.

Practical Steps to Starting an Online Retail Business

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Starting out the process of transition doesn’t have to be hard. You just need a willingness, a guide, information and a plan. Check out this course and see if it fits the bill….