Evolve Media, Kenya

My experience working with Wangari Maina has been very inspiring as well as fulfilling. As a manager, she always stood out as one who would play fair and get the job done without stepping on toes, meaning that the team working under her would be happy and therefore productive. She would give them a chance to spread their wings and learn under her guidance and whenever they got a challenge, she would patiently but firmly help them through it – not by doing the work – but by showing them how to do it so that they would be able to overcome the same and similar in the future.

Wangari Maina has many positive sides to her, but the main one being that she is a God fearing believer, one who accepts everyone without prejudice. Her work ethic and people relation skills surpass most – she is steadfast in her stand against corruption and will never discriminate based on hearsay but only on delivery of quality at a fair price at all times.


Managing Director, Evolve Media