Tools & Partnerships

Whether you are an Individual or Corporate there is need for partners in the journey.

This page is set apart to let you know:

a) tools and resources I have developed for your use

Career Transition Kit

Also known as The Mapping Toolkit

  • Will help you to map your current circumstance, project where you want to be and practically equip you to take progressive steps towards that dream destination that you have
  • helps form a strategy that equips you to deal with such surprises and ensure that other people’s emergencies and crisis do not become yours or your family’s
  • allows you to set the rules of the game thus empowering you to take charge of your destiny and that of your family.


Practical Steps to Starting an Online Retail Business

 Now available on, this course is meant to help someone who feels stuck and just wants to start, someone whose engine has stalled and just needs a little push to get going.

More to that, there are many people who have had the misfortune of being laid off without a plan. The one source of income they have known goes away and yet the bills don’t. When the panic sets in, logical thought sets out and clarity of what they need to do to continue putting the bread on the table is seemingly lost. If this describes you, then with this course, I will begin to help with that clarity as we – me and you, work towards restoring that stream of income and hopefully, if it is your desire or dream, you can grow it to something greater.

It’s not a course that promises to get you rich quickly by making a ton of sales. It’s not a course that lays out the intricacies of online retail business. It’s a course that will get you activated to do what is seemingly impossible.

  • It doesn’t need to take someone else 5 years to embark on a lifelong dream.
  • It doesn’t need to take 6 months to achieve some of the new year’s resolutions.
  • A disruption of life through loss of a job doesn’t have to be detrimental and hopeless.

Not with all these tools and technological advancements around us.


b) three categories of partners:

  1. Those who I collaborate with to offer my services time and time again
  2. Those whose teachings and resources I find beneficial for people just starting in business
  3. Those who offer commendable services and they would be worth having if you are transiting from Employment to Business

Just as a note to you, should you decide to engage their services by clicking on their links below, then there is a likelihood I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. You are not obligated to use their services and I encourage you not to spend your financial resources on their products/ services unless you feel that they will enable you get further with your goals and purposes.

Who Do I collaborate with?

 At Soko Institute you are equipped to translate your spirituality into daily measurable meaningful experiences. They have bite sized and sometimes munchy knowledge products, courses and downloadable material created for your use and advantage. The man behind Soko Institute is Mr. David Paul Mavia and he walks with you and teaches you How to make the Spiritual Practical in whatever you consider your marketplace space of Calling.

Teachings & Resources to get you going

Blog for Profits

Great Resources if you are transiting from Employment to Business