Month: April 2018

Transition & Growth for Planned & Sustainable Success

Lessons Best Learnt @ home

It’s amazing the lesson you will learn about life in the simple activities of the home. The other day we were scheduled to have a group of visitors coming to visit our new born and amid all the preparations that go into making a lasting impression that will not embarrass the head of the house out there, I called in for…
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Investing Wisely – Wi-Fi Enabled Study & Business Centre

If you are considering venturing into a side hustle or are desiring to give a high-school leaver or other jobless citizen some dignity of work especially in the African setting, here is an idea worth considering. Business Idea: Wi-Fi Enabled Study & Business Centre Proposed Location: Residential Estate with high population Summary: Tap into: the…
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Success is not easy

Success Doesn’t Come Easy

Have you ever wondered how our parents, aunts and uncles ever managed and still manage to work for the same employer for like more than 10 years and they are still waking up at four to beat the traffic and get to the office by eight a.m.? And if any of them sat you down for…
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We Love You but Can I trust you?

Can I trust you with my business?