Month: August 2018

Transition & Growth for Planned Success

Let the Zeros Sweat

It is normally said by financial advisers that the best way to ensure you make the best of your working life is to┬ámake your money work for you. What is not normally clear is if you need a lot of zeros against a certain digit to put┬áthem to work, or you can start with what…
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Building yourself as a Brand

As we take a look at you being a brand, let us evaluate two questions. If ten people from the different facets of your life (i.e. professional, social, from the bank, your family, your neighbors etc.) were asked to describe you, what one word would they use? Would those words synchronize? What descriptive word comes…
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One of the most useful and most limiting tools of transition for a long serving employee is the CV. You look at it and think that it doesn’t quite articulate who you are. While that may be true to a large extent, you need to be concious of two things: 1. You define you Your…
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