Month: September 2018

Transition & Growth for Planned & Sustainable Success

The Convergence of Talent & Business

If someone told you that that thing you so easily do sometimes even with your eyes closed and without charging a coin can earn you a million dollars, what would your reaction be? It’s certain that you might have heard or seen this question asked in a motivation talk or email that tell you, “click…
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Marketing Your Talent, Gifts or Hand Creations on Social Media

By Ory Olindo Creative people are usually of the opinion that if what they have created is pleasing to them, the general public will hold a similar opinion and will be beating a path to their door to buy it without too much effort. There are some creatives who seem to have the ability to…
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The Intersections of Life

Driving down many towns and cities in many countries, you are liable to find points where two or more roads meet. There can be a small island in the middle known as a roundabout and sometimes there are traffic lights, traffic marshals, yellow boxes as well as signs. All this for the orderly movement of…
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Invest Wisely: Health Bar

This week, we explore an investment idea that feeds heavily and directly from the agriculture value chain. I’d like to define a health bar as a café outlet that serves healthy meals and drinks, whose ingredients are whole (cereals), organic farm fresh or dried and processed for storage. In a health bar you won’t find…
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