Month: October 2018

Transition & Growth for Planned & Sustainable Success

Time and The Entrepreneur

By Ory Olindo We are living in a time when more and more people are venturing into entrepreneurship or considering it. The desire to be your own boss or to do that which one loves is slowly overriding the need for a consistent monthly pay check that comes through being employed. The hard truth is…
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Invest Wisely: Welcome Pack

Have you ever thought about the number of unique international visitors that your country receives through its major ports of entry? Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia, boast of international airports that receive visitors from all over the world. The visitors land at Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or Moi International Airport, Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam…
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A Lesson from my Farming Father

As retold to the author by Watens Maina When life had offered him nothing, but days spent at the local shopping center, one day my farming father went to a public gathering where a lady was trying to raise 1,000/= shillings by selling off two skinny sheep. By all standards, the sheep were valueless, but…
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The Glass Ceiling

For many years, as the corporate world has evolved, it has been common place to hear many women complaining that they have reached a glass ceiling. In the recent times however, there is a select few men who are being vocal about it and its not on behalf of the significant women in their lives!…
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