The Earth is Breathing Again

No matter what we criticize this Corona virus about, one thing we have to admit, is that it has allowed the Earth to breath again.

Mountain caps that have not been seen in a long time from balconies, rivers flowing through cities are fresher, almost with new fish, wildebeests, zebras and crocodiles must be wondering what happened to the human species!

Since the lockdown in the Nairobi Metropolis there is a night bird that sings as if it is 4 a.m. One night I didn’t sleep and I heard a cock crow at somewhere around 3 a.m.!

The benefits of this lockdown far outweigh the losses that we were incurring thanks to pollution, waste manufacture, and just irresponsible human behaviour.

If we are so keen to end the quarantine and lockdown, we need to know one thing, our irresponsible behaviour and treatment of nature will kill everything that’s free and healthy faster than this or any other virus will wipe out the human race.

Do your part to always keep the Earth breathing again

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