Drawing Roadmaps & Setting Standards

Just like sheep move as directed, so are people in an organization. They may not wait to hear your voice to tell them what to do, but they will listen out for the voice of the culture you have set, entertained or bred within the...

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Shepherding in the Context of COVID19

In these times, it is easy to let go of the one and be thankful for the remaining 99. However, when as, a leader, a shepherd CEO, you sit down to count the impact of COVID19, do you want to be the one whose business entity lost...

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Path of Choices

My Life. My Choices

In any form of crisis, what is in your control, is you and what you do about your present and future. When it's all done and dusted, it's about your choices

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Life After COVID-19

COVID-19 is going to be with us for a while but we can overcome it with grace through winning strength whose simple yet profound components are returning, rest, quietness & confidence

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Your Risk Appetite

Before the COVID-19 madness descended upon humanity, how was your risk appetite in matters investment, change, relationships, career, etc? How will it be after the COVID-19 crisis?

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Working Against Principle

working against principle does not have a one-size-fits-all kind of solution. It calls for cross-breeding all these theories (especially because they have been there – being practiced and applied – since the creation of man)

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know better. Live Better

Know Better. Live Better

It is indeed true that if you know better, you will live better. I had a very bad banking experience that caused me to go back to my old bank. I used to have an account that had a monthly charge with one of the big banks. As I...

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Communication & Your Hustle

Boss Lady

Generally, men understand three types of currency - respect, space appreciation, money. These will buy you prime real estate in a man's heart & mind

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