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Working from Home with Financial Independence

Swim. Ride. Run

Swim, Ride and Run. That’s business for you.

Just like taking part in a triathlon, being an entrepreneur or running your own business is about these 3 things

March & It’s Significance

We are almost at the end of the month of March in the year 2019. A year that started with many promises, hopes, dreams and possibly, resolutions. How committed are we to the goals and plans we set in January? Were we setting them because we would do them or because it felt like a nice thing to do with the spare time that the holidays had given us?

Celebrate Your Wins

The best way I have discovered to motivate yourself is by celebrating yourself. Everyone is busy with their own lives and in this noisy world, your important moments are primarily important to you only. They only become important to others because you get to highlight them as being important to you. If they are not important to you, why should they be important to someone else?

2019 – It will be what you make it

Don’t plan your CALENDAR, plan your LIFE. 2019 is a toolkit of 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days and the corresponding hours. Focus on the goals to achieve in your life and if you happen to achieve them with some unutilized tools of days and months, then you will successfully have dealt with the monster…
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Investing Wisely: Giving a new reputation to hospital food

I was visiting a friend in a private hospital and could not help but notice the food. Granted, the menu is definitely better than what you will find in government hospitals. The patients are given menu lists for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From the menu they choose what they want to eat and so it…
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A new school of thought has it that this is the best way of injecting seed capital in the business as one retains the full ownership. With boot strapping, VCs and angel investors only come in if you deem it fit for them to provide more than you can get access to. Boot strapping is…
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Invest Wisely: Welcome Pack

Have you ever thought about the number of unique international visitors that your country receives through its major ports of entry? Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia, boast of international airports that receive visitors from all over the world. The visitors land at Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or Moi International Airport, Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam…
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Marketing Your Talent, Gifts or Hand Creations on Social Media

By Ory Olindo Creative people are usually of the opinion that if what they have created is pleasing to them, the general public will hold a similar opinion and will be beating a path to their door to buy it without too much effort. There are some creatives who seem to have the ability to…
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The Intersections of Life

Driving down many towns and cities in many countries, you are liable to find points where two or more roads meet. There can be a small island in the middle known as a roundabout and sometimes there are traffic lights, traffic marshals, yellow boxes as well as signs. All this for the orderly movement of…
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One of the most useful and most limiting tools of transition for a long serving employee is the CV. You look at it and think that it doesn’t quite articulate who you are. While that may be true to a large extent, you need to be concious of two things: 1. You define you Your…
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