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As I pondered on what to have a conversation about this week, I came across a website that is sharing live updates on the infections, deaths and recoveries of the corona virus. The website was designed by a young man, Avi Schiffmann who is a high schooler in Washington State, USA.

That little fact is what baffled and led me to the decision not to have a particular topic this week. Instead, I have chosen to offer my services of consultancy to you… the cost to you … your 30 minutes. Yes, business has been affected, but because consultancy is my passion, I choose to still do it.

I am a firm believer in doing what you love, even when there is no income being generated through it, if it is for the greater good.

While many young people and some adults, are wondering what next, or are busy becoming couch potatoes as they wait out this quarantine, someone like Schiffmann is doing a big thing and setting his stage for a life after COVID19. Did he plan it? NO. Did he see an opportunity and grab it? YES. Is he going to build on his current wave of success? I CERTAINLY HOPE SO!

Here’s a shocking observation. He turned down a high-worth from an advertiser who wanted to advertise on his website! (Personally, I know I wouldn’t turn down such an offer..??)

His lesson to me was simple. Solve the problem, money will follow you if you do something that helps things get better for people. That is the simple basis of highly successful businesses.

Consult & Grow

So here is my offer to you, my friend.

Whether you are in business, or employed, or both and you are wondering how to move on from here, share with me the following details to consult & grow:

  1. details of your current struggle
  2. what has changed for you with this corona virus attack wherever you are
  3. what you would want to see of or in your family or business or job, post-COVID19.

In response, I will offer you:

Why Me?

I am Higher Performance Enabler & Transition Strategist for Startups and Small & Medium Businesses in East Africa. I have

  • had opportunities to work with companies that were making losses and today, they are more than breaking even.
  • helped nurture and professionally contribute to businesses that were at idea stage and today, the owners have multiple locations.
  • formulated working strategies for growing entities.
  • started businesses and they failed. Like the salon I shared with you before, or a magazine that I had so much passion for but I had to pivot it

If you are going to consult & grow, you don’t need not textbook advice. You need advice that is real, basic, practical, strategic, and specific to you.

Looking forward to helping you out as soon as I receive your email!!!

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