Reset is not just a button push away

From many quarters of the motivation and staff development circles, we have heard the advise that the COVID19 pandemic has brought an opportunity to reset.

I agree. Many people needed a reset. A going back to the starting line of whatever purpose you have. A return to where you might have lost focus or taken a deviation. A flattening of the curve of opportunities to have everyone start again.

The question is, who has purposefully walked to that reset point and who has PSYCHOLOGICALLY and ACTUALLY pressed that button.

If you have or haven’t, there are many like you and there many who are not like you.

Here is why reset might be so easy for some.

1. They figure that they have nothing to lose.

2. They see that what is in hand is no longer worth holding on to. It wasn’t working. So change is the only way out.

3. They see life as an adventure journey. An adventure that reveals new relationships, establishes new boundaries, creates new opportunities and increases the value of life around them. Not pressing that reset button is equivalent to mediocrity.

Here is why reset might be so difficult for others:

1. Plenty of work, few labourers

As a great man once said, the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few.

Reset means work that many people are not willing to do. It means changing which calls for abandoning some habits and building new ones.

The few that dare to roll up their sleeves and do this work, they reap huge benefits!

2. Invisible Progress

Reset means turning a huge ship with almost invisible progress. For a lot of people, self motivation comes from evidence (seeing) rather than believing that there is progress.

When you have a lot of baggage to deal with, change neither comes easy nor can you identify it as it happens. You just need to believe that the one step you have taken, and the one you are about to take will make a difference.

3. Fear of the unknown

Resetting means walking into spaces we don’t know. This sparks fear in many. To overcome this fear, you probably just need to remember that even your last big life decision had an element of fear and you did it anyway. Why allow fear to torment you and weakly barricade your progress to better things?

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