About Me

Wangari Maina
Author | Higher Performance Enabler | Strategist

I serve as a consultant for individuals, SMEs and larger corporates in their growth and transition phases as an Enabler of Higher Performance.

This is through One-on-One interactions with my clients, Online Courses, Podcasts and written articles in magazines and newspapers.

I have more that 16 years of successful assignments in the following areas:

  • Strategic and Operations Management (Customer / Client Services Management, Human Resource & Talent Management)
  • Business Development and Marketing
  • Content Development
  • Training & Staff Engagement Facilitation

In a nutshell, I offer:

Business Solutions

Startup Strategies | 
Growth Strategies | Turnaround Strategies |


Conference Speaking | Company-specific | Online Courses

Consultant & Advisory Services

Business Health Check| Strategy Formulation | Change Management

Content Creation

E-books | Blog Content | Newspaper & Magazine Articles