Is it worth it anymore?

This is a short post.

So you’ve been doing life with your own decision making system for a while now and you just realised, as Mel Robbins has it “NOBODY IS COMING“.

Fix it, my friend. FIX IT! Because everyone else is busy with their lives and unless you interrupt their lives with a call and a cry, people will generally assume that you are okay and your life is ?, it’s okay. While the absolute opposite is true.

Here’s the thing. If you are not a celebrity, if you are faking it, if you are posting lifestyle lies on your IG, Snapchat and FB pages, if you are not an influencer, just cut the crap and do life properly.

The question of whether it is worth it anymore will arise sooner or later and there are only two ways to answer it.

Start a new path, new chapter of life OR Sit back and self destruct.

Whichever one you choose, your actions or lack thereof will determine how good your decision is.



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