Lesson from a Sprinkler

The other day I was doing some household chores and I remember being quickened by the ONE who teaches us how to profit on taking a few lessons from the sprinkler. I had been thinking about gratitude and how rare it is becoming in this current world. In taking my lessons, I remembered that as I was growing up, my parents had a small lot space of where we would plant some vegetables for our consumption. When it wasn’t raining, my mother would bring out a sprinkler to water the crops. Being kids, we loved the splash and when it was time to move the sprinkler to another spot, we would race each other to move it so that we could be splashed on. So what was I taught?

Connection gives and sustains purpose

A sprinkler in the field with no connection to the water source is simply an idle implement and not serving any of its designed purpose. A sprinkler is meant to water a field enmasse with the water that is in the main source. Same way, people are sprinklers with the ability to share the resources/ potential/ ability within them to the rest of the world. However, they need to be connected to their Maker who knows their purpose in its wholeness and knows the best way it can get out and who it is to reach for maximum impact. They also need to be at the place where beneficiaries of these resources are. It might be argued that you don’t have to know GOD to do your purpose on this earth.

To such I would ask, then how come that even after great accomplishments people still have a void within them which as long as it is not filled everything they have accomplished does not make sense? Achievement without fulfillment is simply that – an achievement. The sense of fulfillment is what allows you to continue on that path.

Maintenance ensures continuity of purpose

Because of working in dirt, the splashing effect of the mud will always lead to the sprinkler being dirty and at times the nozzles become clogged. The clogging will lead to inefficiency in spreading the water and so the farmer must unclog the nozzles. It is not a pleasant exercise. Same for us. Constant relationship with our MAKER allows for HIM to remove what is no longer necessary, add what is needed, improve on the existing and renew where we are worn out. That way we are always in shape for the assignment.

Purpose is selfless

How many times have we found ourselves saying something like, “after all I have done for that person, they just walk away…”? Does the sprinkler ever get a word of thank you from the crops or flowers when they are fully matured/ bloomed? A farmer will never be caught saying, “That sprinkler of mine is so efficient in the way it distributes water on my crops. That’s why I maintain it as I do. It has helped me reduce my water bill and time in the field quite considerably.” Genuine gratitude and appreciation are very scarce commodities in today’s world and going around expecting them in return is setting yourself up for disappointment. Human beings can never give the level of appreciation and compensation that GOD gives for simple acts done in love. Disappointed expectations of gratitude are a highway to offence and bitterness.

Over performance may lead to unintended results

A sprinkler put next to a fence will always water that fence and the grounds beyond the fence unless it is a brick fence in which case it will water the brick thereby wasting water. That one can help everybody with a problem is a fallacy. The greatest to walk the earth was unable to do great things in some places because of various reasons including unbelief. It is also said that too much of anything is poisonous. Over generosity leads to over reliance by the recipient. Too much forgiveness without repercussions for actions leads to complacency and recklessness. You need to find the moderation of your purpose.

Purpose is best accomplished when you are grounded

Have you ever seen a tilted or fallen sprinkler? It waters a lesser area, in fact, only where it lies. To accomplish your mission on earth, you must be rooted in the truths, teachings and WORD of your MAKER. There must be a relationship driven by love, grace, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. It’s a relationship that calls for daily interaction through meditation, prayer and action. Meditation and prayer are the channels of connection to understand and get guidance to fulfilling one’s mission in life.

Partnership is key in purpose

The sprinkler supplies water to the crops. A hose pipe is the channel through which the water flows. A tap allows for turning on or off the water. You can’t fulfil your mission on earth working from an island or an underground bunker. The mission and purpose in you is meant to benefit people. Sometimes, the unlocking key for your next accomplishment may be hidden in someone and you have to build genuine relationships and have opportunities to work with them. We all need each other if we are going to get anything worthy of praise done in this lifetime. Gadgets and the advancing technology should not replace human relations.

Influence through purpose is not centralized

A sprinkler at optimum performance does not just water the ground and crops around where it is. It jets the water several metres away. Similarly, we should not seek to influence only those around us. Our mandate is to influence the world even if in the smallest of ways. Let us learn to decentralize our influence. It does make a difference.

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