Managing your Hustle Like a Pro

managing your hustle

These are cubes.

managing your hustle

At any one time when you are looking at it, you will most likely see three faces out of the six that each has.

In many ways, businesses are similar to this cube. There is a side of the business that will always be hidden at first glance.

As a business owner, you need to be aware of these six sides/faces of your business and they are:  

People, Processes, Product/Service, Objectives, Metrics and Key Results


Gives reference to the aspects of the human capital in your business. The working culture, the values, the relationships and so much more. It is assumed by many solopreneurs and self-employed people that because the business only has one staff member (themselves), it doesn’t have a human resource ‘thing’.

Well, that’s not true. Don’t you decide your salary amount? Your vacation days? Or your time off work? These are people-oriented matters in business.


Is about all the turning and moving components of your business. It’s about how you get things done when producing and selling.

How you keep your business afloat and moving at all times is crucial and it makes the difference between stagnation and growth or failure and success.


Is about what you give to your customers in exchange for their money. Every time I think about this, I remember the movie The Pursuit of Happiness where Will Smith was selling these medical machines that seemed to be as heavy as a bag of cement and which no one wanted anymore. Even he was tired of carrying it around.

Your product offering to the market should be something that you can vote for with your own money if it came to that. Products and services that accurately and sufficiently meet the needs of their target market have better returns.


Are simply, the reason why your business exists the way it does. What are you envisioning to achieve with your business? Your business goals are so crucial because when all other sources of motivation seem to run dry, they are the only ones that will keep you going. They determine what you are doing every day.

Businesses that start off with money being the only goal die young because when the money comes. The objective has been met. It is important to define objectives that are strong enough to keep the business growing


Are about measuring your business performance. How do you know your business is successful. How do you explain your success? Is it by the number of offices you have? The number of clients? The amount of business you do with your suppliers? The money in the bank? The amount of net profit?

Metrics rely strongly on records, information about the key business aspects and that means record keeping.


Just as you set objectives, you also set the key results that you expect our of your processes. When doing business, you will have all sorts of results, some of which you hadn’t even envisioned. For example, a shopkeeper starts off by selling simple home groceries. Shortly, the customers are requesting for fresh produce like onions and tomatoes. This implies growth in inventory, remodeling of the shop to accommodate the new line of items and new suppliers to manage. All these are sub-results associated with the desired key result of increased customer spend at the shop.

managing your hustle

That Sounds a lot Like Business

All the above seems so overwhelming. Trust me, it’s not. You and all business people do it every day. It’s just that it is not that obvious at first glance.

At Hustle Like a Pro, we do a deep dive into the cuboid of business. You get to look at your business from all sides and see what you have been lacking for that next step of growth or better performance.

If you are committed to your business for a reason that is greater than you and especially if you have a team of people working with you and depending on the success of the business for their income. then you need to register for this program

Hustle Like a Pro is an opportunity to learn and get a fresh perspective on your business. Get to harvest the open secrets of running large businesses successfully and have them broken down for your business.

If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Don’t take long, though. 10 slots fill up pretty fast for this kind of training.


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