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Creating Meadows & Brooks in a pandemic

COVID19 is a time of difficulty. It makes all other challenges you have had look like child’s play. The Shepherd CEO role is now more in demand than ever before, not to mention the demand for a culture that encourages safety, is considerate of the emotional stress, is willing to do all it can to keep the team productive without further stress points.

Shepherding in the Context of COVID19

In these times, it is easy to let go of the one and be thankful for the remaining 99. However, when as, a leader, a shepherd CEO, you sit down to count the impact of COVID19, do you want to be the one whose business entity lost something that could have been saved and maintained?

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Inheritance as a factor of Education, Wisdom and Sustainable Knowledge

The inheritance that matters:
Take the time to educate your child on the things that will remain over the years – spiritual matters, how to relate with others, how to manage the resources available to them, how to live a life that is not dependent on government directives, and how to build a life of character.