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The Cuboid of Progress & Love

The cuboid of progress and love is incomplete without wisdom and this is the failure of one too many leaders.

Why is my greatest motivation

WHY is My Greater Motivation

I do what I do so that nobody else has to feel torn to choose between making a living and living out their dreams. Thats[…]

silent influencers

Silent Influencers

Silent influencers make their mark quietly on our lives and we can only identify their marks long after the period of influence.

A life of purpose

A Life of Purpose

Failing with a plan is better than succeeding without one. A plan helps you know how you got to the failure or success and if[…]

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Power Principle: Understanding the Times

Many times we ignore or undermine the power principle of "having an understanding of the times".This principle has it that to live life fully, there[…]

Is it worth it anymore?

Is it worth it anymore? Fix it, my friend. FIX IT! Because everyone else is busy with their lives and unless you interrupt their lives[…]


Do you know someone whose family has a lucrative business, but they are employed at another company? When you look at them do you wonder[…]

Lesson from a Sprinkler

The other day I was doing some household chores and I remember being quickened by the ONE who teaches us how to profit on taking a[…]

Building yourself as a Brand

As we take a look at you being a brand, let us evaluate two questions. If ten people from the different facets of your life[…]

Soar! Soar! Soar! Millenials in Business

If there was ever a video that everyone who is hustling or thinking of getting into a business should get their hands on is this[…]