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The Cheer Factor in the Season

About 3 months ago I indulged in one of the ArtCaffe meals of a sandwich served with fries. This particular sandwich is called BBQ CHICKEN IN RUSTIC CIABATTA which I believe finds it’s genesis in the bread used.

The sandwich was so good that I introduced it to my family and recently I heard my 4 yrs old asking the dad if they could go buy it.

I was in another room and misheard her pronounce the word.

She said Ciabatta, I heard cheer factor. ??

Well, I guess it was my creative juices in the works seeking some expression! Hence today’s email.

A cheer factor is something that brings a smile, gladness, or joy to you courtesy of someone in particular.

It’s the season of good cheer and thanksgiving all around the world as we celebrate Christmas and the end of the year.

What are you grateful for? Could you mention some and attribute them directly to someone?

Here is my cheer factor for and to you.

Cheer Factor

Now over to you.

Get at least 5 people and send them a cheer factor. Let them know that they have had an impact on you or in your life in 2019 and you are grateful for that.

Instead of those monotonous forwards that are increasing daily, build the cheer in someone who has brought you cheer this year by telling them or texting them or singing to them.

From my family to yours this wonderful season,

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays


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