The Intersections of Life

Driving down many towns and cities in many countries, you are liable to find points where two or more roads meet. There can be a small island in the middle known as a roundabout and sometimes there are traffic lights, traffic marshals, yellow boxes as well as signs. All this for the orderly movement of vehicles.

The subtlest of happenings at those intersection points are decisions. One can’t just decide to stop and not move from there. Indecisiveness at an intersection leads to traffic build up and a decrease in patience levels for those behind you. In drawing a parallel with real life, we have many intersection points. Many of which are associated with people.

What happens when you meet someone who walks with you a part of your life that you couldn’t have managed on your own? What happens when you are serving someone for their success while your life appears to be on hold? Is it really on hold, or are you still living your life from a place of subordination or submission?

Intersections are also places of turning. If you were headed eastwards, you can make a turn to the right and south. At life intersections, you can turn an otherwise boring life into one of fun every day. You can turn hopelessness into hope and expectation. You can build what you were tearing down.

Critical to living a full life is recognizing the intersections, if not by reading the signs that you are approaching it, at least when you get there, there must be a consciousness that you are at an intersection.

I have from experience found that there are two major assessment platforms of the intersections in your life: people and the things you value.

There are points in your life that come and you lose and/or gain friends. People who mattered at some point in your life, lose their significance and not in a bad way. It’s just that in your new direction, their lives are not heading in that direction. You end up losing touch for a long time and when you do meet at some point, you realize that you have pursued such different things with no hard feelings about losing contact. Then there are those people you meet and work with for a season while others you grow a little older with until you get to the next intersection.

Having had a fair share of intersections, allow me to share some keys of unlocking the excellence of each intersection point while making the most of the new and old relationships whether gained or lost.

Respect for self and others

Respect allows you to give people the space they need to make an impact in your life. The reverse is also true. Respect for others opens up a portal for you to deliver, even if it is a word in their lives that makes a lasting impact, if only for that season of their life.

Despise not

Recognizing that everyone is unique and there is something they can contribute to your life, even a beggar on the street can teach you a lesson on virtues if you care to learn. As far as things, circumstances and events are concerned:

  1. Anticipate an intersection of life at the oddest of times.
  2. It is more rewarding to love people and use money than use people and love money.
  3. Memories are more on how you made people feel and not the circumstances around you at that time of action.
  4. Enjoy the moments that you have. They might never be relived.
  5. Don’t live life wondering what could have been. Build tomorrow’s possibilities today so that there are no regrets.

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