The Truth is not out there

Growing up, there used to be a TV series known as The Case Files. The cases were shrouded with mystery and the catch phrase that always heightened the suspense was, the truth is out there.

So many years on, I realize that the truth of your life and everything that has happened, is happening or will happen is not out there. Unlike the unresolved case files of murder victims, as long as you are breathing, the truth about your life is in you.

The other day I was on a work break and decided to search for content on how other writers scale their craft and businesses. I came across Ali Abdaal. After listening to him for 16 minutes, I heard my heart speak to my head, “No one else is answerable for your failure to fully activate your youthful desire of making a living out of writing.”

The weight of that statement is yet to leave as at the writing of this blog post. When they say that truth hurts, they are correct. They that say that truth liberates, are also accurate.

Darren Hardy, one of my life influencers, says that until you accept that you are 100% responsible for what happens in your life, you will not live a full life.

The truth about your life is known to you. It is wrapped in your emotions, thoughts, opinions, reactions, beliefs, habits, struggles, desires and expressions. Until you untangle yourself from those intricacies, you will not clearly see and acknowledge the truth.

Let me look outward before I circle back to my situation with writing.

A lady or gent in an abusive relationship is unhappy and knows that he/ she has lost the spark of life because of the constant demeaning, psychological, physical or emotional abuse. They know that the best thing is to leave and start from scratch, but in peace but they choose to stay. Why? The kids, the social backlash, the financial impact etc.

The truth is simple but it is complicated by the emotions, perceptions, conflicting beliefs, and so much more. At that point can we really say the truth is out there? Of course not. This person has the truth and they can do something to remedy the situation.

After a while, this truth gets even more jumbled but it remains present in the person. Until they choose and act according to that truth, they will remain inconvenienced by their inaction.

Back to my mirror image.

As I continue to process that message from the heart to my head, I have developed 5 statements that are crucial to how I will activate my writing dreams.

  1. Making a living through writing is not just about writing my books or articles for sale. I can do it for others as well.
  2. I must invest in knowledge to develop mastery of writing. That might mean sitting at the feet of writing Masters and learning new ways to deliver content.
  3. I must sharpen my business acumen so that the craft excels with a matching bank account.
  4. Writing is like riding a bike or swimming. The more I do it, the better I get and the better I get, the more I discover tools and practices that enable me deliver premium content.
  5. Success is not a work of pursuit. It is an exercise of truth on the foundation of priority, positive self-beliefs, good habits and reiteration.

What is your truth?

How are you living out your truth?

I hope you are looking forward to tomorrow’s post like I am… I’m not certain what it will be about, but it will add value to you.

Till then…. Live out your truth

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