Top 10 Songs in my Quarantine Collection

This blog post is a rare gem. Combing through most of the content, you will not see much of entertainment…. But hey, we are in quarantine!

We may as well enjoy it while it lasts… right?

So I combined a list of my favourite songs that are just beautiful in this season!

No. 1: Because when Culture meets Word and the Word is Sweeter in the language I love
No. 2: This songs speak of liberation at a price that can only be called Amazing Grace
No. 3: Tony would do a collabo with King David for Psalms 23
No. 4: A dance-able beat that tells of YAHWEH’s provision
No. 5: A song that can reign supreme in a Salsa competition
No. 6: It’s just….. well…. perfect
No. 7: Because it inspires a shift
No. 8: It’s authentic to the core!
No. 9: Just because it is from a live session…
Number 10: The beat is the reason I listen to this one…
And a BONUS that simply reminds me of my dating life

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