Why is my greatest motivation

WHY is My Greater Motivation

I do what I do so that nobody else has to feel torn to choose between making a living and living out their dreams.

Thats is my WHY

If someone challenged you to walk across a tight rope tied across two 10-storied buildings, with no safety net under and with no emergency response units on standby, would you do it?

What if it was for the purpose of retrieving a treasure map from one of the buildings and the only way was to walk that tight rope?

Now, what if it was for the purpose of rescuing the person you love the most from a building that is burning and the fire is rising from the bottom to the top?

The reason we do what we do (also known as WHY) ought to be our greater motivation. Yet for most people, that reason is either blurred, lost, or undefined.

Allow me to share a couple of reasons why your WHY ought to be your greater motivator in accomplishing life’s goals.

WHY is greater than your WILL

Many times we have seen people delve into some activity and drive their performance out of sheer willpower. They accomplish much, but not for long. Sooner or later, the body and mind get weak, the exciting tasks become mundane and they forget why they got into the task in the first place. The willpower is consumed just as fuel is consumed by a moving vehicle.

Your WHY lasts longer than your PASSION

We have learnt from many artists and creatives that passion drives success up to a point. As a content creator, I have come to that point many times in life and it often seems that there is a barrier that calls for something more than passion. It is at this point that you realize the adage “do what you love” is a half-baked fact.

Your WHY has more substance than your DREAMS

From when we are young, we are encouraged to dream. To see ourselves accomplish great things and become heroes and heroines in our appointed spaces. Then life snaps us out of the dreams and gets us to encounter reality. You see, in dreams, we conquer our enemies easily because we made them up. In reality, however, our enemies are independent of us and we can’t erase them as easily.

Our dreams are also shattered or significantly altered by factors not in our control such as lack of finances, inadequate education, lack of resources, other people’s ambitions, and the list is endless. That is why dreams can also not get us to the finish line.

Your WHY is your PURPOSE

Your purpose is your reason for living and hence it becomes your WHY. As such, you cannot afford to live life not knowing, not defining and not clarifying that your purpose. Lack of a WHY means you live life by fluke and leaving everything to fate. There is much more to be accomplished when life is lived by purpose.

The reason I have chosen to make My WHY My Greater Motivation is because when I get fatigued and discouraged by the past, I will not let the consequences of the PAST discredit my CURRENT efforts to give me a better FUTURE.

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