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Strategic Business TurnAround

In the turnaround enterprise, the principle of Meaningful Disruption is a constant inevitable reality.

Making attempts to save a falling or fallen enterprise might require situational, on-the-ground, evolving wisdom. Sometimes when you have been in the trenches, time rewards you with reflective wisdom, wisdom that is brewed in the vestiges of challenges, highlights and even failures.

Wangari Maina has served us with bowls of wisdom and has gone ahead to save us time, indeed by encapsulating her experiential nuggets in a book. This is not information or knowledge hidden in a book but more accurately this is a clarion call survival kit especially for upcoming and time-spent businesses that seek to edge, grow and mature into solution giving entities.

It is a quick read but not a read over. The way to reward a contemplative journey is to draw in and patiently walk the same way with pen and paper. There are permutations, combinations and even surprise notions that will be stirred in you as treasures or surgical interventions for your business.

Herein lies the first of many resources that emerge to solve present and coming hurdles in the African Business Ecosystem. Read and Run!

Forward by David Paul Mavia

2019 Review Template

Identify 4 elements of life that you wanted to strengthen this year because they give you STABILITY and a REASON to keep going. Then review what you did or didn’t do.

This will help you get into 2020 with a plan for your life rather than a simple resolution.

From Employment to Business

employment to business

In the few months I have been away from a corporate world that I served in for 11 years and some odd months, I have relished lessons that anyone with guts to change from employee to self-employed/ business owner/ (as the popular word has it) – entrepreneur should know before making that giant baby step. This book highlights these lessons which, for some reason, are only taught in the school of life and captured in books such as this one.

Employee or Consultant on Retainer

employee or consultant on retainer

Of the many books that I have written, the genesis of this book is a result of an experience I had while I was employed. Every year we would have our performance metrics set and measured through a performance management system that was very scientific and standardized.

In 2008, I had decided that I would resign and go into business so I did not that year’s assessment seriously. I tried to sabotage it by doing a lackluster self-assessment.

When the final performance result came through, my mixed feelings were not because of how I carried out the assessment, It was because I was still employed and I had not fully established my business in order for me to quit!

Rather than delve into the very inviting abyss of stress and depression, I stepped back and did a thorough self-assessment and the results were surprisingly accurate.

I could finish this wonderful story but that is the meat of the book. Go ahead, download and indulge in the rich advice, encouragement, and experience that many employed people could relate to within these



In this fast-paced world, people are quickly losing their sense of community. When you are going through a tough chapter of life like changing jobs or starting a business, the last thing you need is the silent ex-communication (because of the potential loss/ reduction of income) in addition to flatterers, negative critics, and gossips.

You need advice, encouragement and a company of persons who have been there and done that. People who can tell you where the pitfalls are, people who you can ask the hard questions and they will not judge you in the process. People who will not think any less of you and they will not leave you feeling bad about what you need to know.

Grow you knowledge from books, develop a workplan with a toolkit

Wangari Maina

Most of all, you need tools to work with. That is what this toolkit is. A tool to develop a plan, entrench deliberate action on your plan and tracking to make sure you are on course heading for the destination you have set.


Some of us walk the planet and face of the earth as if we just landed without purpose. Others have such a purposeful walk that daily there is a spring in their step until the day they realize they are empty inside. Then there are those who walk with such humility you would think they are empty until you look at their private lives. Heaven smiles daily at them. They are an admiration of the angels.

Are you one of these?


The inspiration behind this e-book does not seek to increase your scientific knowledge of the octopus. It is a book that helps you relate the features of this magnificent creature to our entrepreneurial selves and our businesses.

Stand out as one of the many people who have the idea of being free from a job by daring to do what requires to be done. It begins with reading books such as this one.