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Breaking Stereotypes: Motherhood and Professionalism

If indeed the future is female, we need to have a present where professional success and motherhood go hand in hand, empowering women to reach[…]

Women Empowerment: A Combination of Opportunity & Preparation ✨

What can women do to leverage the opportunities being created as the world increasingly recognizes the essential contribution we make to society's development?

Celebrating Working Moms: A strong influence of Corporate Culture

From integrating work and family responsibilities to leading with compassion and determination, working moms embody qualities that are essential for a thriving organizational environment.

Leveraging Living Expense Data for Financial Well-Being and Discipline

Families can leverage the data they generate from their living expenses to gain insights, make informed decisions, and cultivate better financial habits, ultimately enhance their[…]

Father’s Day

In a world that is seemingly torn between adhering to the known facts and confused opinions, those who have been bestowed the privilege of being[…]

Leadership in Chaos & Uncertainty

Even when the path taken leads to uncertainty and chaos, fear is farthest reaction it will emit from me. Psalms 23 So, COVID19 hit us[…]

Perfect exists only as a word

There is no perfect wife. No perfect child, no perfect boss, no perfect solution, no perfect life. Perfect exists in the dictionary only as a[…]

How long has it been?

When you can no longer tell the start point of your challenges, tears, pain, anger, anxiety, emotional sickness and all that drama, you’ve been at[…]

I can’t trust

There is a zone you get into where everyone around you is either a leech, a vulture or a hyena. They are all lurking around,[…]

Is it true?

I read a statement once, that when people show you how they want to be treated, believe them. I didn’t hold it true. Until I[…]

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