Drawing Roadmaps & Setting Standards

He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake.

Psalms 23

If you are thinking of ignoring or scrolling past this because of the insinuation about structure, don’t.

Just a recap

In the previous post, we talked about Meadows and Brooks. A safe space that allows you and your team to thrive in your purpose and calling.

This week we talk about Roadmaps and Standards. The very things that provide freedom which facilitates the uptake of the meadows and brooks.

They destroy the things that would hold us back or cause us to fail.

One of the people who influences my business approach and activity is Darren Hardy. After 3 years of listening to him almost every morning, there is a reality that I have believed and do my best to apply – always have a road map and a standard in your journey of success and to be better every day.

A roadmap acts a map of where you are going and allows you to explore creative options of getting to an identified destination.

Standards define the parameters of what I say yes to and what I say no to. Ultimately, when you say yes to something you have said no to something else and the opposite is true.

A good leader provides a safe space for rebuilding confidence, building encouragement and drawing out the potential of the people working under him/ her. This implies that such a leader can identify when the team is struggling with something and he/ she gives direction or space for resolution with creativity.

For the sake of the business and for the sake of the quality of life for the stakeholders, creativity is embraced to explore new ways of doing things or reinventing old ways with a fresh twist.

Restoration‘ suggests putting things back to their original state. So what is this original state?

As a leader, take a moment to think about the team member who you might have hired a while back. Remember the fresh ideas they used to have? The excitement they had coming to the office in the morning? Their zeal to complete an assignment and hand it in? Are they in the same state today or better? Have they deflated to being paper pushers waiting for their pay at the end of the month?

Restoration is like a fresh start but the lift off happens only if the leader encourages it and does not tolerate complacency.

As a shepherd CEO, your team’s motivation, creativity and high performance depends on the culture you create. A culture that allows one to plug out when the pressure is unbearable and to plug in their creativity through structures such as cross functional teams, telecommuting, shift working, work from home options etc.

Just like sheep move as directed, so are people in an organization. They may not wait to hear your voice to tell them what to do, but they will listen out for the voice of the culture you have set, entertained or bred within the business.

Give the right direction that will make it possible to achieve high performance into your business.

Next week, we will see the unique traits of a Shepherd CEO as expounded by The Passion Translation.

Here is a trailer

Even when the path taken leads to uncertainty and chaos, fear is farthest reaction it will emit from me.

Can your team confidently stand with you in the middle of chaos and declare this about your leadership? Join me next week for more details

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