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Drawing Roadmaps & Setting Standards

Just like sheep move as directed, so are people in an organization. They may not wait to hear your voice to tell them what to[…]

Creating Meadows & Brooks in a pandemic

COVID19 is a time of difficulty. It makes all other challenges you have had look like child's play. The Shepherd CEO role is now more[…]

Shepherding in the Context of COVID19

In these times, it is easy to let go of the one and be thankful for the remaining 99. However, when as, a leader, a[…]

business women laughing as they Consult & Grow

Consult & Grow in Business & Work

If you are going to consult & grow, you don't need not textbook advice. You need advice that is real, basic, practical, strategic, and specific[…]

Life After COVID-19

COVID-19 is going to be with us for a while but we can overcome it with grace through winning strength whose simple yet profound components[…]

Working Against Principle

working against principle does not have a one-size-fits-all kind of solution. It calls for cross-breeding all these theories (especially because they have been there –[…]

Office Politics

Office Politics! Wade through the murky waters

When you find yourself in the open sea of office politics, consider yourself a fisherman whose 3-tiered purpose at that moment is to get back[…]

Communication & Your Hustle

Boss Lady

Generally, men understand three types of currency - respect, space appreciation, money. These will buy you prime real estate in a man's heart & mind

Surviving an Evil Boss

How my 'ore-to-gold' season in the corporate world inspired me towards understanding and walking others through their professional transitions

equip and empower

Equip & Engage to Empower

The millennials who were initially thought of as children are now intent on making an impact through the startups they had in their late teens[…]