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Transition & Growth for Planned Success

The Younger Boss

By Winnie Mwangi This could be a difficult thing for a lot of us – to get used to having someone younger than you having the reigns but who needs the job here? I think the first thing that would work when you find out that you have a younger boss or that you have…
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Lesson from a Sprinkler

The other day I was doing some household chores and I remember being quickened by the ONE who teaches us how to profit on taking a few lessons from the sprinkler. I had been thinking about gratitude and how rare it is becoming in this current world. In taking my lessons, I remembered that as I was…
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Time and The Entrepreneur

By Ory Olindo We are living in a time when more and more people are venturing into entrepreneurship or considering it. The desire to be your own boss or to do that which one loves is slowly overriding the need for a consistent monthly pay check that comes through being employed. The hard truth is…
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The Glass Ceiling

For many years, as the corporate world has evolved, it has been common place to hear many women complaining that they have reached a glass ceiling. In the recent times however, there is a select few men who are being vocal about it and its not on behalf of the significant women in their lives!…
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The Intersections of Life

Driving down many towns and cities in many countries, you are liable to find points where two or more roads meet. There can be a small island in the middle known as a roundabout and sometimes there are traffic lights, traffic marshals, yellow boxes as well as signs. All this for the orderly movement of…
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We Love You but Can I trust you?

Can I trust you with my business?

Dealing with Millenials

The one thing Human Resource Managers are being forced to deal with is the incoming millenials to the work place. Can you imagine a millenial as a government officer in the National Identity Card issuing desk? Have a listen in on what Simon Sinek says about Millenials in this interview on Inside Quest with Tom…
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