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Working from Home with Financial Independence

Swim. Ride. Run

Swim, Ride and Run. That’s business for you.

Just like taking part in a triathlon, being an entrepreneur or running your own business is about these 3 things

March & It’s Significance

We are almost at the end of the month of March in the year 2019. A year that started with many promises, hopes, dreams and possibly, resolutions. How committed are we to the goals and plans we set in January? Were we setting them because we would do them or because it felt like a nice thing to do with the spare time that the holidays had given us?

Celebrate Your Wins

The best way I have discovered to motivate yourself is by celebrating yourself. Everyone is busy with their own lives and in this noisy world, your important moments are primarily important to you only. They only become important to others because you get to highlight them as being important to you. If they are not important to you, why should they be important to someone else?

Evaluating Business Ideas

the process of evaluating an idea for business is almost like the way a surfer evaluates which wave to ride – surfboard in place, leg rope fastened, eyes on the ocean and focus on the goal.

Exposure is Preparation

At 8 years old, my dad was a General Manager in the automotive industry and to spend time with me, he would get me to go with him to his office whenever I was not in school. I remember interacting with his PA, walking him through the factory as items were produced, packaged and labelled…
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2019 – It will be what you make it

Don’t plan your CALENDAR, plan your LIFE. 2019 is a toolkit of 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days and the corresponding hours. Focus on the goals to achieve in your life and if you happen to achieve them with some unutilized tools of days and months, then you will successfully have dealt with the monster…
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Taking Money Off the Table

On the outset, we agree that decision making where money is concerned is not an easy process. In investment circles, the phrase “taking money off the table” is meant to tell investors to diversify their investment or convert some of their shares in a company or on the stock market into cash in case of…
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Investing Wisely: Giving a new reputation to hospital food

I was visiting a friend in a private hospital and could not help but notice the food. Granted, the menu is definitely better than what you will find in government hospitals. The patients are given menu lists for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From the menu they choose what they want to eat and so it…
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The Younger Boss

By Winnie Mwangi This could be a difficult thing for a lot of us – to get used to having someone younger than you having the reigns but who needs the job here? I think the first thing that would work when you find out that you have a younger boss or that you have…
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The Animation Business – for Starters

Animation has evolved to not only be a good skill for the entertainment industry, but it also a handy tool for professors, book reviewers, trainers, coaches, mentors, preachers and anybody who needs to deliver information to an audience. Technology has made animation so easy and user friendly that slow learners have less challenges and visual…
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