Life After COVID-19

The reality we are all waking up to this April is that COVID19 is going to be with us for a long time. The severity and impact will decrease with time and that gives us the hope that there is life after COVID-19

The question that we should be looking to address is, Who am I post this Impact Season of COVID19?

At the moment…

As a parent, are you

  • building or recollecting the structures of present parenting
  • teaching your child to rest and be calm amid a storm
  • equipping them to be fast to change, on their feet in times of strife and uncertainties?
  • teaching them to be sitting ducks waiting for whatever comes because the uncontrollable factors are beyond their scope?

As an individual seeking to make a mark in the space given to you, are you filling your mind with dis-ease news or are you taking the time to build yourself with books, videos, and audios that will help marathon yourself out of the after-effects of COVID-19?

In your career or business, what is the future you are mapping out? Are you waiting for the dreaded letter that says no more pay, or a client who says they are cutting back spending? Isn’t it time to revisit your life plan and see what needs to be improved, let go or built upon? For some people, the situation the world finds itself in with COVID-19 is a springboard. For some, especially those who had their entire lives wrapped up in the socioeconomic patterns of yesteryears, this is a shutdown.

Coming Soon…

Some employers will discover that their businesses can thrive with the ‘work from home’ option, thereby cutting down their overheads. Some people will discover they are good at homeschooling, others will discover their children’s passions. Like I did with my 5 years old girl as we made raisin cookies, which she saw being baked on YouTube.

How you choose to live through this COVID-19 Impact Season is up to you.

equip and empower

As you make that choice, I’d like to share with you an extrapolated version of some wise words I recently read.

In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.

Isaiah 30:15

It is a combination of many things that will get us through this storm called COVID-19. The following four are undeniably part of that list.


This is about pressing the reset button. No shakeup ever leaves civilization the same. This is why a moment of reflection, going back to where it all starts, is important.

There is a famous quote that says you cannot solve problems at the level they are created on. COVID-19 has challenged a lot of things in governments, businesses, communities, families, and individuals.

Personally, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m giving my children a raw deal by having them focused on academics and their talent development only.

If we are going to use this quarantine season effectively, we need to take a moment to revisit the BIG WHY. Your ultimate goal and purpose of being, your reason for doing what keeps you occupied on a normal day, throughout a normal year.

Post COVID-19, we will have a new normal. Will your WHY survive it?


As many people are being opted into unpaid leave, some businessmen and women are finally having the break that they have always been encouraged to take. It may not be voluntary, but it has been required of them by circumstances.

Rest is good for our human bodies. Unfortunately, it seems that we have passed on the art of resting to our pets and the other living beings. Bears, ants, lions, cheetahs, and leopards know how to rest better than humans do. They instinctively know their seasons.

Is this your season of rest?

Rest begins in your mind and finds expression in your body and emotions. Try putting aside your concerns and worries for a few hours and engage in a task that does not demand high thinking or physical exertion.

By the way, sleeping is not rest. It is a low energy activity that results in rest, but it is not rest. Sitting on a couch all day doing nothing may result in rest, but it is not rest in itself.


This constitutes engaging in active thinking and reflection. Active means you consciously take a thought and focus on it. You mull it over in your mind, thinking through it and making informed conclusions. Unfortunately, not many people like quiet times. They would rather have decisions made for them and things laid out plainly. This should not be you. You are better than that – even when the situation is as unprecedented and as uncertain as it is now.

Don’t be afraid to be alone. That ‘me time’ is one of the greatest secrets of successful men and women around the world. It is in the quietness, that great songs have been written, best-selling authors have been borne and world-changing inventions have been introduced to us.


Confidence is a foundation for strength. If you think back to a leader you admire, I would bet that one of their significant character traits is confidence.

They know what they are doing; they are sure of the decisions they take, they welcome a challenge at any time and they are willing to be put on the spot for what they stand for.

The ultimate recipe for overcoming COVID-19 with grace is winning strength. Winning comes from returning & rest; strength comes from quietness & confidence.

Build yourself on these four pillars and we will see you triumph over this small giant with a cool name COVID-19

Book Recommendation

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Planning Towards Success

Mapping Toolkit available on

Have you ever used my Mapping Toolkit? Well, it is available as a cost-free mini-course. While emergencies are not planned for, our response and initiative to deal with them when they occur must be planned. It calls for clear thinking, honesty to self, and a commitment to dealing with the emergency without creating a series of other emergencies.

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