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Consciously Live life

The Life-Love Note

So, after so many maybe's, I decided that while I may not bring back the ones that have gone, I might have a chance to[…]

Drawing Roadmaps & Setting Standards

Just like sheep move as directed, so are people in an organization. They may not wait to hear your voice to tell them what to[…]

Creating Meadows & Brooks in a pandemic

COVID19 is a time of difficulty. It makes all other challenges you have had look like child's play. The Shepherd CEO role is now more[…]

The Cuboid of Progress & Love

The cuboid of progress and love is incomplete without wisdom and this is the failure of one too many leaders.

Murder by any other name is murder

Our men are sons, fathers, brothers, brothers and above all, God's representatives on earth. No matter their social status or the bashing that life has[…]

Reset is not just a button push away

Many people needed a reset. A going back to the starting line of whatever purpose you have. A return to where you might have lost[…]

An Expression of Love

Happy Birthday is too common for a Rare Gem

Life After COVID-19

COVID-19 is going to be with us for a while but we can overcome it with grace through winning strength whose simple yet profound components[…]