An Expression of Love

To the love of my life

You walked up to shop window, I didn’t know you were the one.

Yet my heart pulsed with young and innocent love.

I glossed this over as just a crush on one of GOD’s perfect creations.

Not perfect for the world. Perfect for me.

Perfect enough to see through my insecurities while I was yet to say goodbye to my teens. You held on to me and never let go.

I’ve seen you age like fine wine. The years have nothing on you! Just more love, grace and an unsubsiding passion for what is dear to you.

As you turn another chapter in your book of life on this side of heaven, I can’t tell you happy birthday.

I can only say, the best of your years are now ahead of you. This chapter forward is one of building new memories, new strengths, new experiences as we edge to the undoubtedly beautiful mark of success – endless days in the presence of joy unspeakable, peace unexplainable, grace abounding and life everlasting.

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