The Cuboid of Progress & Love

A couple of days back I put out a statement talking about the inhumane treatment of people.

One of the things I said was, “let love for human kind line the walls of your heart while law is experienced when you stretch your hand“. You can read the previous post if you missed it or if you want to refresh on what I said.

This week, I want to build a little bit on this.

For the past couple of days, I have been reading anciently written yet presently accurate words of wisdom by King Solomon of Israel. A man who assumed the throne from his father when he was barely a teen, and all he could desire to reign over the nation was wisdom and knowledge.

As I ruminate on his insightful words, I am waking up to the realization that:

1/ true wisdom, knowledge and understanding are sought after deliberately. Assuming you have them is the beginning of foolishness

2/ we are a make up of the soul (intellect, will & emotions), spirit and body. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding that is rooted in the spirit man is what allows us to live effectively

3/ love is the agent that holds together the ingredients of a life worth living. This is because it (love) puts up a mirror to see your true self, it opens your eyes to see others as human beings and not objects

4/ wealth is not an end in itself. It is a tool, a platform, a voice and a necessity that is available to us all, if only we are willing to embrace wisdom in its truest sense.

The volume of a cube is based on 3 dimensions – length, width and height. The cuboid of progress and love is incomplete without wisdom and this is the failure of one too many leaders.

A human rights activist that is full of hate for the establishment to the extent of being funded by anti-government agents, will soon tolerate human rights violations.

A teacher who only reinforces academics and does not help develop life skills and human relations abilities in a child is doing a disservice to the community.

A parent who is not intentional about their child’s upbringing is planting seeds for a painful harvest.

It is never too late to embark on the journey that wisdom will have you take for intentional, successful living. A journey that will end when your spirit, soul and body separate.

It is a journey to gain, apply, use, experience, share and increase in wisdom while making visible progress in your life’s purpose.

A purpose which stands to gain more traction when you love people and use things because most life goals are centered around people, other than self.

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