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The Cuboid of Progress & Love

The cuboid of progress and love is incomplete without wisdom and this is the failure of one too many leaders.

Reset is not just a button push away

Many people needed a reset. A going back to the starting line of whatever purpose you have. A return to where you might have lost[…]

Lifestyle kit for a new normal

Lifestyle Kit for a New Normal

A crisis is not a bad thing. It's just a season for us to make critical life choices under pressure with the future normal as[…]

A Tale of Two Eco-Systems

It's business borrowing from how we are structured to live as people. One big community that is made up of unique individuals with special abilities[…]

Why resolutions don’t work

However, because of daily realities, these resolutions will only last a few weeks. Here is how to make sure your resolutions have meaning and results.

A life of purpose

A Life of Purpose

Failing with a plan is better than succeeding without one. A plan helps you know how you got to the failure or success and if[…]