Murder by any other name is murder

In response to all those who have died in the hands of brutal men in uniform during this pandemic period.

The month of May began on a high note, even with the cloud of corona virus hanging over our heads. We celebrated Mother’s Day. One single day out of the 365 days to pause and say, “Thank you mama. I love you.”

What we didn’t know was that it would be a month when mothers around the world would cry in pain for loss of their sons. One son in particular died crying for his mama – and he wasn’t 5 years. He was a full grown man – 46 years old, someone’s daddy, someone’s grandpa, someone’s son, someone’s life companion.

When you call yourself a law enforcement officer, it is okay to let love for human kind to line the walls of your heart while law is experienced when you stretch your hand.

When you aim a gun and pull a trigger, raise a baton to swing it on a fellow man’s head, when that man is defenseless, are you saying that the law is greater than life? Are you insinuating that the power of life and death is yours to wield?

Our men are sons, fathers, brothers, companions and above all, God’s representatives on earth. No matter their social status or the bashing that life has given them or the elevation that life’s opportunities has accorded them.

A cup in the mud with a snail may be dirty but it’s status does not deny it’s purpose. A golden goblet priced at millions of dollars still serves the purpose of containing a fluid.

That is what our men are – a vessel of purpose and mission – whether they know it or not, whether they behave like it or not and whether they look like it or not. No amount of hate for the colour of their skin, size of body, or wealth in their pocket makes it worthy to take their lives.

George Floyd, Samuel Maina, Vaite and many others should never have died, but they did, and someone must be held accountable. Maybe not with the policy of an eye for an eye, but with a statement that helps us look into our hearts to deal with hate and spite that has no justification. Hate and spite that has been bred by selfishness.

The GOOD BOOK reminds us that hate for your brother is equivalent to murder, and that makes many guilty.

Whatever sentence or legal conclusion the perpetrators of these murders get, one thing that should remain at the fore of everybody’s mind is this – life is sacred and taking someone’s life, is not a sport to be fueled by hate, adrenalin, or lack of self control.

Wishing you peace and long life….

Wangari Maina

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