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perfection is the enemy

Perfection is the Enemy of your Growth

With 2020 beckoning, we are all reminded, almost coerced, to make the right plans, the right moves, the right contacts, and the right decisions. A[…]

phases of change

3 Phases of Change

Change management in different organisations, large or small, takes various formats of implementation but the one similarity they have is that at every stage of[…]

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Support System and its 4 Components

A support system is a combination of disciplines, persons and processes that you, as a turnaround executive, cultivate, fuel and sustain as a basis/ framework[…]

phases of change

5 Must-Have Partners for Successful Living

The whole picture Partners for successful living are a significant component of the support system. A support system is a combination of disciplines, persons and[…]

equip and empower

Equip & Engage to Empower

The millennials who were initially thought of as children are now intent on making an impact through the startups they had in their late teens[…]


5 Timeless Management Lessons

An efficient leader or manager will always seek out opportunities to grow themselves and those around them, if for nothing else, for the purpose of[…]

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Star Focus Framework

Businesses also have that unique individuality because of the people in it. In fact, it is said that while businesses may be easily duplicated at[…]

What makes a great entrepreneur?

Every person has something special to offer this world. Not every person will be a resounding success at business. That’s why some people will be[…]