know better. Live Better

Know Better. Live Better

It is indeed true that if you know better, you will live better. I had a very bad banking experience that caused me to go back to my old bank. I used to have an account that had a monthly charge with one of the big banks. As I...

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Communication & Your Hustle

Communication Builds Your Hustle

Communication does not start and end with the said words! A large part of communication is understanding by the parties involved. Every day in your business you are communicating- by speech or writing and even your bodily...

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managing your hustle

Managing your Hustle Like a Pro

At any one time when you are looking at a cube, you will most likely see three faces out of the six that each has. In many ways, businesses are similar to this cube. There is a side of the business that will always be hidden at...

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merry christmas

Merry Christmas

I will be facilitating this program, Hustle Like a Pro from January 11, 2020 and I would love to see you or someone you can sponsor participate.

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