Make it Easy to do Business with You

If you are going to do online retailing, you need to make it easy for your existing and potential customers to make the purchase decision.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram apply algorithms that do not necessarily favor small businesses and one time posts. Especially so, if the algorithms read that your post is a business post.

As consumers of these platforms, we see them as the free market or mall where we do not need to pay rent space to sell our wares. The owners of the platforms however, see themselves as ‘real estate’ owners and if you are going to make money out of it, then by all means they will need to make it a premium service (Boosting & Sponsoring posts).

You don’t go to Java, sit there the whole day blogging without even buying a cup of coffee or tea! That’s being an insensitive business person!

If you can’t afford the premium of boosting your business posts, then it means you get smarter ways of doing the deal as soon as it is received by interested parties.

When people are browsing in ‘retail’ groups on Facebook or on your Instagram/ Twitter business handle, IMAGES get their attention first, the PRICE is what they look for next. If the price is within their range or budget, they will then look for your CONTACTS or an EASY WAY TO PLACE THE ORDER.

There are thousands of people who are selling in the same market space as you are and if you will not make it easy for buyers to do business with you once they come to your online space (yes, that one post is your online space), then you’ll most likely lose some deals.

Here is a list of 5 things you can do to make it easier for your target audience to do business with you.

Put the price tag

Don’t be afraid to put your price tag. So what if competition sees it? Are you posting to attract your competition or to make a sale? Your competition is not your primary audience so if you are going to make every move with them on mind, you may as well seek a different way of doing business. Fear of competition is a paralysing emotion that is just not helpful in increasing your market space.

Post utilisation

Images that have better views are those that give the consumer an idea of how the product looks and how it will be utilised. If it is cake business, post the uncut and cut cake, if it’s a baby rocker, then show it at work, don’t just upload the packaging image. Some people’s understanding is best activated with a sample at work

Curate the Description

Don’t copy-paste the description from the supplier. Recreate a description that answers your customers questions. You are able to do this by thinking of the questions that you would want answered if you were to buy the same products. If you are selling non-stick pots and pans, think about the conversation you would have with your mum or a veteran chef on what they look for when buying the pot, then build your description from there!

Respond to the comments

Nothing makes you come across as a joker in business as not responding to customers’ queries and comments on your post. Don’t post then go offline. That’s like opening your stall at a strategic corner and walking away hoping customers will be patiently waiting for you. Be there to answer questions and give customised answers, tagging the people who have enquired.

In addition, make an effort to follow up in private either through Direct Messaging or through the FB Messenger.

Remember, if someone bothered to enquire, there was an interest that you can build upon. Sales don’t always happen overnight.

Respect Contact Information

One of the most unfortunate occurrences with online retailers is that they ask for the conversation to go off the first platform of meeting e.g shift to WhatsApp where it’s more direct. Once on the other platform, they give you scanty or the same information and some just outrightly contradict themselves by saying that what they are advertising is not what they have.

As a retailer, here’s a tip: that’s a lost lead – no matter what else you post in the future, you have just blown your integrity out of the way for any deals.

FINALLY, know this: online business differs with brick & mortar business in the element of physical presence. Customer treatment, integrity and everything else that goes into building relationships with customers still holds and must never be compromised.

Make it easy and enjoyable to do business with you.

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