know better. Live Better

Know Better. Live Better

It is indeed true that if you know better, you will live better. I had a very bad banking experience that caused me to go back to my old bank. I used to have an account that had a monthly charge with one of the big banks. As I...

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growth personality

Your Growth Personality

Change and growth in life come through the acquisition and application of knowledge. At some point, learning should take a back seat so that you can apply. With this approach, you will begin to see positive results in your life...

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Investing in Soup Kitchen Business

Social Entrepreneurship refers to engaging in business with the main aim of reaping societal gains as opposed to being driven by profits. Business principles that would drive a profit-making company are applied to solve a...

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The Convergence of Talent & Business

If someone told you that that thing you so easily do sometimes even with your eyes closed and without charging a coin can earn you a million dollars, what would your reaction be? It’s certain that you might have heard or seen...

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The Intersections of Life

Driving down many towns and cities in many countries, you are liable to find points where two or more roads meet. There can be a small island in the middle known as a roundabout and sometimes there are traffic lights, traffic...

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Life Lessons Best Learnt @ home

It’s amazing the lessons you will learn about life in the simple activities of the home. The other day we were scheduled to have a group of visitors coming to visit our new born and amid all the preparations that go into making...

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Success is not easy

Success Doesn’t Come Easy

Have you ever wondered how our parents, aunts and uncles ever managed and still manage to work for the same employer for like more than 10 years and they are still waking up at four to beat the traffic and get to the office by...

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