Why is my greatest motivation

WHY is My Greater Motivation

I do what I do so that nobody else has to feel torn to choose between making a living and living out their dreams.Thats is my WHY If someone challenged you to walk across a tight rope tied across two 10-storied buildings, with...

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growth personality

Your Growth Personality

Change and growth in life come through the acquisition and application of knowledge. At some point, learning should take a back seat so that you can apply. With this approach, you will begin to see positive results in your life...

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A life of purpose

A Life of Purpose

Failing with a plan is better than succeeding without one. A plan helps you know how you got to the failure or success and if you are at the right place - your purpose. It also becomes a basis for learning.

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equip and empower

Equip & Engage to Empower

The millennials who were initially thought of as children are now intent on making an impact through the startups they had in their late teens and early twenties. Some of those startups are fully-fledged businesses, others have...

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Taking Money Off the Table

On the outset, we agree that decision making where money is concerned is not an easy process. In investment circles, the phrase “taking money off the table” is meant to tell investors to diversify their investment or convert...

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