Exposure is Preparation

At 8 years old, my dad was a General Manager in the automotive industry and to spend time with me, he would get me to go with him to his office whenever I was not in school.

I remember interacting with his PA, walking him through the factory as items were produced, packaged and labelled ready for shipment. I even remember him showing me a boardroom with a podium and I would get to sit in the empty boardroom doing my homework and when I got bored, I would inch quietly to the podium and address an imagined audience.

I admired both my dad and his Personal Assistant / Secretary for several things. My dad because he seemed to give instructions which were followed and he also seemed to know everything about the business. His PA because she worked on this typewriter and my dad seemed to consult her for the important appointments and meetings and she used to decide who will see my dad and who wouldn’t!!! I dreamt of being her when I grew up.

Anyway, fast forward to 2019, so many years later and in my business as a consultant, I have the privilege of taking some wonderful children for a day in the corporate space, a day to give them a glimpse into the corporate of today and open their minds to the possibilities of their future.

The experience with my dad, his PA, the empty boardroom and the factory tours left a huge mark on me that shaped my desires for the world of business. Because of that experience, I painted a picture early on of what I wanted after acquiring an education. I got even better than I had imagined.

It therefore gives me great joy to offer the same platform to children who may otherwise never experience the corporate world until they are finished with high school. For them to paint a picture of a sometimes distant space that they only hear about. For them to get unique material to influence their composition writing. For them to know another world beyond the classroom exists.

To follow soon will be an update of the day.

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